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Guarr to Speak to Detroit Electrochemical Society

Tom Guarr

Durable Organic Redox Systems for Practical Energy Storage Applications Tom Guarr, Research Director, MSU Bioeconomy Institute Presentation to the Detroit Section of the Electrochemical Society Abstract: Free radicals get a lot of bad press. They are often blamed for everything from aging to cancer while rarely getting credit for any positive contributions or, for that matter, life itself. Organic Chemistry textbooks continue…

MSU’s Redox Flow Battery Can Store Sun, Wind Energy

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Finding more efficient ways to harness and store renewable energy is the goal of the Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute in Holland, Michigan. Spartan researchers are creating a cheaper and more durable version of a redox flow battery, which can store energy from the sun and wind. Currently in the prototypephase, the device could one day open the door to large-scale operations…

Jolt – Innovation in Action

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Jolt Energy Storage Technologies is a start-up company founded by Tom Guarr, the Director of R & D at the MSU Bioeconomy Institute in Holland and business partner, Jack Johnson. Guarr also conducts original research in chemistry fields such as organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, electrochemistry and spectroscopy at the Organic Energy Storage Lab housed at MSU BI in Holland.