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Portrait of Tonya Tiedje

Tonya Tiedje

Plant Manager and Bioprocess Engineer

Tonya Tiedje is an engineer with more than fourteen years of experience at MSUBI-Lansing. Her responsibilities have included project management, pilot plant management, development and scale-up of bioprocesses, and engineering support.

Tiedje has a broad background of experience in biotechnology, from the laboratory to the pilot plant. She began her career in the conversion of lignocellulosic biomasses to monomer sugars, where she contributed to the evaluation of biomass pretreatments, analytical analysis, equipment and process design, as well as process modeling for economic evaluation. Tonya has managed several projects in the pilot plant where she has successfully developed, scaled-up, demonstrated, and validated bioprocess technologies. She has implemented procedure and process improvements to increase fermentation success rates and reduce yield variability.

Tonya received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University.