Advancing Reseach

Michigan State University BioEconomy Network works to create and sustain new research opportunities by increasing government, foundation and corporate research funding. Many research opportunities in this sector require interdisciplinary contributions.

At MSU, faculty from many disciplines engage in significant bioeconomy-related research, including researchers from the Colleges of Natural Sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Engineering, Social Science and Communication Arts and Sciences, as well as the MSU Agricultural Experiment Station and MSU Extension.

Notable among these efforts is the DOE-funded Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (, a $142M multidisciplinary project involving more than 30 MSU faculty in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The GLBRC's goal is to overcome the technical bottlenecks for the sustainable production of next generation biofuels.    

The following are a few other examples of bioeconomy research, illustrating MSU's impact throughout the bioeconomy pipeline, from biomass production to processing, conversion and commercialization. The stories about these projects feature MSU's well-known "culture of collaboration," which has attracted top scientists from across the United States.

Basic research

Commercialization and Economic Development

Policy Impact