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Analytical Chemistry

Successful scale-up of biobased technologies necessitates robust, reproducible and reliable analytical chemistry methods. MSU BI performs  Employee working in lab on computerextensive analytical analyses for product characterization and quality control. We utilize standard industry protocols and methods to characterize and quantify sample composition and with decades of experience, we know the critical metabolite(s) to monitor based on the organism and/or pathway. Additionally, our in-house analytical staff can customize protocols and methods on an individual project basis.

Other MSU Resources

As a unit within Michigan State University, our Lansing site is conveniently located on the southern end of campus for easy access to the world-class faculty and research tools of the university. This includes the Max T. Rogers NMR Facility, MSU Center for Advanced Microscopy, Genomics Technology Support Facility, and the MSU Mass Spectrometry Facility.

Equipment Listing

Multiple HPLC, UPLC, GC, and GC/MS
UV-Vis Spectroscopy
YSI glucose analysis
Protein analysis
Full access to MSU analytical equipment, including LC/MS and NMR