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Beyond Scale-Up

Application Testing and Product Development
MSUBI’s team has the ability to perform pre-commercial scale runs for both application testing and product development purpose using our 4,000L pilot plant as your intermediate production collaborator. Often times, our clients may not be ready to scale-up beyond 4,000L, but they still require product batches on a consistent basis. Our team can run consistent batches to create product that is sent to buyers for application testing or validation; or for venture capital firms that are interested in technologies, yet need to vet both the process and the product.

Tech Transfer
Once we have successfully scaled your technology, our team is ready to assist in the transferring of your technology to your commercial partner. Adding value to our services, we will provide you with a complete data package during the transfer of your sustainable innovation.
With a technology transfer success rate of 100%, you can count on MSUBI’s understanding of the process. Transferring technologies from our 4,000L scale to a variety of commercial production facilities is what we do.

Our track record: Over the last six years alone, MBI has successfully scaled over 26 different technologies from bench-scale to pilot-scale with a remarkable 100% success rate. Some of our collaborators include: Bolt Threads, DuPont, Genomatica, Verdezyne, OPX BIO, Amyris, Novozymes, Marrone Bio Innovations, Metabolix, AgBiome (need approval for this one) and Tepha Medical Devices.