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Bench-Scale: Bioprocess Development, Optimization, & Derisking

Bench scale process development is performed in two separate fermentation laboratories at MSUBI’s Lansing facility. Both laboratories are equipped with multiple Bioflo fermentors—22 overall—ranging from 2L – 10L in size. The fermentors are equipped with all the required equipment for real-time monitoring and control of pH, temperature, gas flow, and agitation. In-line mass spectrometer off-gas analysis is also included for all bench-scale fermentors.

Bioprocessing and Fermentation
MSUBI has extensive experience working with a variety of organisms, including: bacteria, yeast, fungi, hyphal fungi, heterotrophic algae, and protozoans. Our team is able to grow these organisms in a variety of conditions, whether your process is aerobic, anaerobic, or microaerobic in nature. Our team is experienced in different fermentation strategies, including: batch, fed-batch, and continuous.

At MSUBI, our team works with you to accelerate your technology to commercial readiness. Our highly experienced team has a solid track-record improving bioprocesses and fermentations through many different means, including: optimizing process controls, process development, strain improvement, and media optimization. Further, our team has access to a variety of analytical equipment and expertise that is invaluable to scaling up your technology.

Pilot Plant Scale-Up Facilities
MSUBI’s integrated pilot plant replaces the need for you to build your own—saving you both time and money. Here, our facility and extraordinary team serve as an extension to your team: as your very own bioprocess or chemical scale-up facility. We collaborate with you, helping to design the best plan for your innovation’s scale-up—including biomass processing, fermentation, separation, as well as purification & recovery.
Our three-level pilot facility, with a cargo elevator connecting each level, is equipped with modern equipment, instrumentation, and computer-based control systems. Our facility is plug-and-play: with a five-ton capacity ceiling crane, we can bring in necessary equipment to accelerate the scale-up process of your biobased technologies.
Also on-site, MSUBI has two 3,800L fermentors, along with a 150L and a 200L unit–as well as four 10L bench-scale “satellite” units—used to diagnose scale-up effects. All process development and pilot plant fermentors have in-line mass spectrometer off-gas analysis and a complete suite of automated process control.

Full equipment lists for MSUBI Holland and Lansing.