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MSUBI’s team has the ability to perform pre-commercial scale runs as an intermediate production collaborator. Often times, clients may not be ready to scale-up beyond 4,000L, but they still require product on a consistent basis. Our team can run batches on a recurring basis for clients that aren’t quite ready to progress to commercial scale, but still desire product at pre-commercial scales.


As a former Pfizer Research and Development site, staffed with experienced facility operators and over 30,000L of total reactor capacity, the Holland facility is an ideal option for many of our clients’ production needs. The facility is capable of operating on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week.

The team’s expertise and long history of chemical production allows them to fulfill your chemical production needs in a variety of chemical processes, including (but not limited to): specialty, fine, and agricultural production. The facility has operated as a primary producer of chemical products for many of our clients.


As the former process development and scale-up group of the Michigan Biotechnology Institute (MBI), the Lansing group has extensive experience in production at 3,800 L scale within the facility. The facility frequently produces smaller production scale batches for our clients—sometimes as small as 100 – 150 liters, or at 3,800L scale—depending on the desired application and client’s needs. MSUBI’s production experience at these scales includes uses for application testing, field trials, and smaller production required prior moving on to commercial scale.

MSUBI supports many chemical processes including the following: