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Specialty Chemicals

MSUBI’s Holland pilot plant facility serves the company’s specialty chemical process scale-up needs.

The multi-level pilot plant, with 31,400 liters of overall reactor capacity, is equipped with modern equipment, instrumentation, and computer-controlled systems. The facility is rated as Class I, Division I, Group? explosion-proof in design. Our team has experience performing chemical reactions within operating ranges from -100°C to 230°C and up to a full vacuum of 50psi. Glass-lined reactors/stills within our facility include range from 80L to 4,000L. The facility also has 2 x 800L stainless steel reactors. There are three appropriately sized glass-lined receivers (4,000L, 2,000L, and 800L)to complement our glass-lined reactors/stills. All pilot plant reactors are Process Safety Management Compliant and connected to Process Scrubbers for environmental safety compliance.

Application Testing and Product Development
MSUBI can use pilot plant facility for application testing, product development, and production batch runs. Some clients may not be ready to scale-up beyond 4,000L but still require product batches on a consistent basis. Our team is well versed in running batches to create product to send to buyers for application testing/validation, or for venture capital firms interested in investing in the technology to vet both the process and the product. ADD IN PRODUCTION BATCHES OR MAKE A NEW SECTION.

Beyond Scale-up: Production
Once your process has successfully scaled, MSUBI can perform routine specialty chemical production services for your organization–our experienced team can assist with consistent production runs and serve as your commercial production partner. MSUBI experience collaborating with clients in this capacity and has performed over hundreds of production runs for our clients.

Full equipment lists for MSUBI Holland and Lansing.