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MBI Lansing Joins the MSU BI Team

MSUBI Lansing building

We are pleased to announce that MBI’s Corporate Services Team in Lansing has officially joined the Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute (MSU BI).

Our commitment to providing excellence in customer service just got stronger—and so did our capabilities.

MBI (Michigan Biotechnology Institute) and MSU BI are “cousin” organizations within the MSU family, and our close ties have allowed both organizations to share resources and capabilities between one another—bringing our clients the capacity they need to reach their goals.

What Our Clients Need to Know:

  • The team you know and trust—and the facilities you depend on—aren’t going anywhere.
  • As our Corporate Services Team joins with MSU BI, you will see an even more robust line of services offered. In fact, the integration of capabilities—taking full advantage of both MBI’s Lansing, Michigan site and MSUBI site in Holland, Michigan—will result in an expansion of our DSP services, including those requiring solvents and solvent extraction at the pilot scale.
  • The customer service experience you have grown to rely on does not change: We remain client-focused and committed to your project’s success.

We want to make sure you have the information you need. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our business development manager, Chad Pastor, for more information regarding this transition. Or you may also contact Bill Freckman, director of operations.

We sincerely appreciate your loyalty, and we look forward to raising the bar when it comes to your expectations.